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Unlike any other pure CMMS, PDM, condition monitoring, and AR solutions, MAINWARE integrates all the functionalities into one real-time platform. And no other solution I have seen so far was providing so many handy features.

Jan Burian, Researcher & Industry 4.0 Expert

MAINWARE consists of 6 different modules that together create one holistic solution. PRO Modules are optional to choose from to cover your needs and all benefits from the SMART MAINTENANCE.

Stadard Modules are the basic part of the product.

PRO Modules are optional to choose from to
cover your needs and all benefits

Digital Twin Documentation

Standard Module

Augmented Reality i

Augmented Reality allows to pass knowledge between key employees and help maintenance specialists to execute more complex tasks with a better precision.

3D Interactive Documentation i

3D explorer mode allows users discover whole production line to the smallest components with direct link to full 2D documentation.

2D Up-to-date Documentation i

Technical drawings, manuals and detailed electro-documentation, all available in the PDF, accessible by a single click.

Interactive e-Plan i

Interactive documentation with a possibility of easily switching between parts of the detailed electro-documentation.

360° Maintenance Management

Standard Module

Planning i

Create new to-do tasks and match them with relevant manuals in seconds. Calendar feature allows you to see actual workforce capacity and repetitive tasks by maintenance specialists.

Problem Reporting & Service History i

Feature that allows to report any problem to the responsible supervisors. All reports are saved and generate complete service history, which is easy to access at any time.

Interactive Manuals i

Tutorials and manuals created by the key employees keep their knowledge within the company for every-day operations and also make the training process easier and more efficient.

SMART Factory Mode

PRO Module

SMART Factory Mode

Module that allows combination of smart production, offices and facility management transform your organisation into real Smart Factory 4.0.

Premises and assets are marked with QR codes that transmit information about - how to use, how to maintain, responsible supervisor, location, or health and safety instructions.

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