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Solution that helps anyone to maintain and repair machines or products in an efficient way.

Solution that defines 

SMART Maintenance 4.0

“It was a simple idea in response to all the questions that came up in thousands of meetings. The idea was to create a single, holistic solution to bring maintenance to the digital age.

We wanted to create high-tech solutions that would be there to prevent and preempt failures, but also be there to make recovery faster when problems arose.

JHV combined its 20 years of experience with cutting-edge AR/AI startups into one solution, MAINWARE. This solution is daringly innovative, helping define standards for SMART Maintenance 4.0”


We understand maintenance

By listening to our clients, partners, and experts we can create market-leading insight into the most important maintenance challenges: 

  • Outdated paper documentation that's messy to use and store
  • Inefficient machine maintenance and repair workflows
  • Dependence on key employee know-how and experience
  • Maintenance that relies on partial, sample-based data, without access to continuous monitoring

Have the holistic solution for your maintenance needs

Thousands of hours dedicated to UX and development led us to solution that understands and tackles the most crucial challenges in maintenance:

  • Augmented Reality Mode helps visualize and communicate maintenance tasks clearly
  • Digital documentation that is always up-to-date and easy to access from anywhere
  • Maintenance management tool helps you keep your workflow consistent
  • PRO Modules include: Remote Support, Predictive Maintenance, and SMART Factory

Upgrade your maintenance now. Implement in just weeks.

“For digitalization to be effective you need to move fast. You need be able to prepare and implement solution within weeks from the first call. Not years, months but weeks.”

  • Fast, reliable, and safe implementation
  • Final implementation is complete with a 1-day workshop

Implement Smart Maintenance in Your Company

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