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Condition Monitoring

Alarm assistant for bottlenecks with automatic generation of notifications

Universal access for different PLC tags

Real time OEE and visualization of activity through history

Condition Monitoring

Identify bottlenecks on your machines, gather data for your machines and production performance and work with a user-friendly interface

Alarm assistant

Device for detailed analysis of the downtime sources. Problems in production are identified, backed by data and sorted based on their impact on OEE. Learns and improves based on gathered data. Together with automatic notifications generator creates a functional system preventing breakdowns.

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Automated alarms
Reveals bottlenecks

Compatible with any PLC tag & machine

The connection of the PLC machine using the OPC server enables universal communication with the machine and the possibility to record incidents on the machine. Monitor the status and availability (OEE) of all your machines centrally.

Universally compatible
Standardized communication

Data preparation & processing

The collected data is paired with a database of already known cases and is interpreted to the user based on the system knowledge of the machine. Thanks to this process, the system can be deployed centrally without any restrictions from the device manufacturer.

Data analysis
Central monitoring

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Condition Monitoring?

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Condition Monitoring

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Dont`t you do only smart maintenance?

We do complex digitalization of manufacturing and maintenance processes.

What are the specific quantified benefits?

Deployment of Mainware provides an immediate overview of the team's workload, ie it often leads to its optimization. In a short time, you can see the reduction of time for individual performances. When combining digital maintenance and our condition monitoring solution, it is the fastest to see a sharp increase in OEE and a reduction in reaction times for maintenance.

Can I see it working in test run at my facility? When, where?

We can either lend you the Mainware immediately on your tablet and web interface to test maintenance management. Another option is to try the concept (POC) where we are able to perform 3-6 months of deployment with tutorials on 3D data of your device.

I dont have the 3D data and I dont think I will have them in 5 years. That`s why I think your system is no good to me.

We can scan your machine with scanner and then we provide solution to create interactive parts by yourself or our team can do it.

We already have our systems. We cannot to replace it. I like your system. What now?

It is possible to solve it by connecting to an existing software solution, it is quite a common requirement. Of course, the mainware has an API for connecting to other systems and data layers.

In what environment are the data from our process or from equipment and maintenance operations. Is the data always safe?

For cloud-based solutions, your data will always be placed in a secure storage that meets the most demanding criteria.